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When fingers and toys are at work, we can help ourselves with porn and the picture of Vince Vaughn

Carrots, pillow, fingers, vibrator, zucchini, pornography, dildo, nude pictures of boys and girls, cucumber, pie, fantasy, banana. They all have one thing in common - masturbation. We all do it. At least we all felt a pleasant tingling sensation between our legs during naughty teenage years.

My friend's husband or Snow White and seven dwarfs?

Many of us began to masturbate with a bit of help from our imagination or mental recreation of pornographic movie scenes. Others searched for their resources online, in books and magazines. Even today, according to many studies, women most often indulge in their fantasies, and they dream of group sex or celebrity sex (mmm, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant…), while men prefer to watch pornography.

Like pornography, photographic material is more common in men, probably because of its visual nature. I was surprised by the fact that both men and women love to imagine sex with their exes. I thought of many things during masturbation, but I never thought of my past midnight bed sessions. If I had to choose between this and some good erotic stories, I would choose the last one. Erotic literature can be an excellent introduction to a great orgasm. This fact is also confirmed by a similar percentage of women and men in the study.

Banana, dildo, or fingers?

I never had a problem with dirty thoughts, but as a girl, I was faced with the dilemma of how to satisfy that tingling feeling between my legs and how does an orgasm feel. According to the internet, I was not the only one. Most of us searched for answers in "girly magazines" or type in our browser: "masturbation for women", "first orgasm" or "what to do with your fingers while masturbating".

Being introduced with a tingling feeling, some searched for relief in various vegetables and fruits. Especially for women, the choice was more accessible. They could help themselves with carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, and bananas. Some of us also experimented with pillows, table edges, plush toys, and a showerhead. It was especially pleasing to me when I accidentally leaned against the corner of the table.

Source: jcomp

However, according to the research, fingers and hands are still the most popular helpers. Logically, for men, the percentage of those who use their hands is higher than the rate of women. For that, women can thank all the toy manufacturers who kept us in their minds while designing erotic accessories. As many as 40 % of us prefer to use a toy than the help of our fingers. Besides, according to research, we are much more satisfied when we do it ourselves without the help of a partner.

Kitchen, bathroom, or balcony?

As we could see in the answers to the first two questions in this article, most men and women are "classics". We also masturbate or have sex in the most common places. On top of the list is the bedroom, most likely because of a sense of comfort and security. Of course, the second most popular place is the living rooms, as the couch is probably the second most comfortable object in our apartment. We can also watch television, which should further contribute to good masturbation. Shockingly, the car is in third place (I am blushing since I've never done it myself). It would be easier to imagine sex than masturbation in a car, but we can always stop the vehicle somewhere besides the road and do it with the help of our fingers or sex toy. Fourth and fifth in terms of popularity are more common options, the bathroom, and the kitchen. The first is mainly because of the lock on the doors, and the second is because we are surrounded by natural helpers mentioned above and aphrodisiacs.

According to research, we may occasionally like to try new ways to climax and find new places. Still, in the end, we prefer to return to the warm embrace of our sheets and the soft touch of our fingers and nowadays erotic toys while imagining hot sex with young Hugh Grant or Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall.

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